Giant Wizard Head, the latest game from the nerds here at Mobot Studios, has been officially announced. This game has been described as a hodge-podge, a mish-mash of visual and gameplay styles. At its heart, GWH is a survival game, where you play as long as you can, racking up the highest score possible. But you might be piloting the Wizard Head and blasting foes with your laser beam eyes(“shooter” style) or running amok as the little wizard dude collecting treasures and zapping bad guys with your magic wand. (“platformer” style)

Random play combinations give you a fresh feel and progressive difficuly keeps you on your toes. Some cool features that the finished game will have:

  • Original”real instrument” soundtrack
  • Game Center achievemets, leaderboards, score multipliers
  • iCade compatible, multiple conrol options

Check ourt the video!